Provide a Christian Family

Matthew 25 House, Inc. provides a Christian family environment to former inmates. It establishes a warm and wholesome atmosphere which most of the residents have never experienced. Scripture study, regular worship services, and daily prayers are an important rhythm of the men’s twelve month tenure, helping foster stability and positive values.

Provide a Church and a
Sense of Belonging

Each of the men living in the house will become members of a different, Ames church for up to twelve months. Members of the congregation transport the resident to and from services each Sunday and adopt him into church activities. In friendship, they will continue alongside him the whole year. Each resident will meet regularly with a mentor from his church for help with financial and spiritual matters. This church will become his church home and the church members will be like his family.

Provide Released Men with a
Spiritual and Faith based Lifestyle.

Eligible men are former inmates. Requirements are strict: no drugs, no alcohol, no in-house smoking, and no cars for the first six months. Residents will eat together as often as possible, meet curfew hours, maintain employment, meet regularly with the resident director and meet with assigned mentors.

To Provide A Base
Needed for Success.

Each man pays a fixed amount to cover his costs of food and housing. He must also share in house and yard chores. While maintaining employment, he will develop social and spiritual networks. When his tenancy is complete, his vacancy will be filled.

“He will leave with a new family, new friends, new skills, and a strong church affiliation; he will be a witness to the healing power of Christ.”

Who Will Live There?

Matthew House is modest ranch style home located at 330 South 2nd Street. The home provides a comfortable living space for four men at any one time and a house manager. Each man that applies to live at Matthew 25 House is asked to commit a year of their time to living in the home. The men will be screened and selected by the board. A Resident Director will oversee the house operation and help coordinate daily bible studies and devotional time. In an effort to help build community, the men will eat evening meals together whenever possible. Most of them have troubled relationships with their families. Their closest friendships are with people who encourage relapse. Many have already spent years in jail or prison and are unprepared to function productively- emotionally, socially or economically in society. This program attempts to help the men get a job, follow through on required programs, reestablish contacts with families and strengthen their spiritual faith.

What Can I Do to Help?

First and foremost, please remember this program in you daily prayers. Matthew 25 House is completely supported through the generosity of local people, churches, and businesses. A non-profit organization, it holds 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service so all financial donations are tax deductible. Ways you can assist includes: job coaching, employment opportunities, resume writing, academic tutoring, home repair work, providing transportation, and donating supplies and furniture.

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We See the Dignity of Christ in All People

Matthew 25 House focuses on the way Jesus purposely walked in the midst of the outcasts, the burdened, the crippled, and the sinful. Just as Christ associated with tax collectors, prostitutes and “undesirables”, we believe that we must accept those around us as our own brothers and sisters. We then reach out to these troubled brothers and point them to the way of hope and a new life with Jesus.